Thursday, March 3, 2011

Now we’re footing the bill too?

Mexico’s situation is spiraling out of control with violence. Our own government will not even send inspectors to work in Mexico anymore. It’s too dangerous. The Department of Homeland Security issued an alert warning truckers to stay out of Mexico.

Yet, here we are holding hands and singing “kumbaya” and going to open our already weak border to trucks from Mexico.

We know how this plays out. Mexico will put its best foot forward and send a few legit poster children into the U.S. to blaze a path for the lesser qualified. The U.S. has final say on which motor carriers get access with the pre-authorization safety audits. Woo hoo. Big deal.

Mexico’s databases are junk. The corruption within the legal system makes any information input suspect. How on earth are U.S. inspectors supposed to know what they are really dealing with?

But there’s something even more disturbing going on here.

There is no plan to inspect every truck and driver coming in from Mexico. It doesn’t go on now because of limited resources.

However, interestingly enough, President Obama said today that the U.S. has the manpower to inspect every single rail car bound for Mexico to make sure we’re not shipping guns down there. And last spring, he said the same thing.

Dang. That’s a lot of inspections we’re doing to protect Mexico.

How can our own government not afford us the same protections from trucks coming in from Mexico?

While we’re talking about your hard-earned tax dollars benefitting Mexico, let’s look at this electronic on-board recorder requirement. All Mexican trucks allowed to operate in the U.S. as part of this program will be required to have them.

Guess who’s paying for them. We are. The U.S. taxpayers. Now if the funding comes from the Highway Trust Fund, that adds insult to the injury because U.S. truckers basically support the trust fund.

So now your own tax dollars are paying for another truck from another country to come in and compete for your freight. How does that make any sense?

If Mexico cannot live up to its obligations, and for crying out loud, pay their own way, then they are no more ready for a cross-border trucking program than I am ready for retirement.

The Obama administration and the Department of Transportation must interject some sanity into this bilking of U.S. taxpayers to launch a program that is going to get people hurt and put plenty of truckers out of work.


  1. So Jamie, how do you really feel about this new agreement?

    Yes, portions of Mexico are dangerous, yet where I live, Cabo San Lucas, the crime rate is lower than most mid-size towns in America. (And yes, I'm an American living here in Cabo.)

    I just recently drove from San Diego to here, through some of the most wild country and interesting roads on earth, the Baja. And honestly, the professionalism shown by the truckers of Mexico was far greater than that of my fellow truckers in the States. (I've been a driver since 1992 ... driving both in the US and also in Iraq and Afghanistan as a DOD contractor.)

    However, I do agree with a few of your points.

    "...The Obama Administration and the Department of Transportation must interject some sanity into this bilking of U.S. taxpayers ..."

    But when have you seen Obama use any sanity since we began this fiasco with him as "imposter -in-chief"?

    Now do you understand why I now live in wonderful Cabo?

  2. Cabo, it is interesting that you've given up trucking up here and think you know what's best for the rest of us.

    Go OOIDA!

  3. If you live in Cabo what do you care about american trucks? If you think living in Mexico is so great why don;t you give up your citensenship in the US? If trucking in Mexico is so safe why haven't you added that to your impressive resume? I don't think it's a equal compairson to put a heavely guarded resort town in the same mix as say one of the boarder towns. That is where most of the freight and violence comes from not Cancon,Cozumel,Cabo,etc. I'm sure your satisfied that you have made it big and can now relax in a third world country until your DOD money runs out,then you will be crying why did the Mexicans take all the good driving jobs. Since your so taken with mexico shouldn't you be patting Calderon on the back instead of bitching about Obama? Go ahead support Mexico while my fellow Americans and I Show Obama and the door in 2012. By the way stay where your at we don't need you.

  4. Ok I am not a happy Camper! They are going to cower to Mexican pressure, let more Mexicans take American jobs, continue to give them exclusive rights to MY country AND ask me to pay my highway use tax to give them EOBR's with the tax money suppose to fix the roads that are damaging MY truck? It is getting to the point that EVERY American truck needs to shut down in DC and we need to clean house and start fresh! THIS time with the laws from the US Constitution & Bill of Rights! When oh When are the truckers & Trucking companies going to truly band together again??????? Don't give me the BS that oh I will loose my job..........where are they going to get 4,000,000 people to immediately jump into a 18 wheeler and do our job? Let alone at our pay rate w/expenses?? chele a owner/op

  5. Obviously the elected politicians are not on our side, we can fix that on election day. A simple solution, buy made in the USA. We've gotta get fired up about this border issue and send Mexico & China packing. Amazing, I didn't hear anything about this in the media, thanks OOIDA, now we've got to to our part. Don't take this sitting down!

  6. Hmmmm, let's see how this works. In order to have their trucks able to come here, they're supposed to be able to comply with ALL our safety regs. They don't.... and they can't, the way their sorry country is currently operating. So we can legally keep them out due to non-compliance with the articles of NAFTA!

    What's not clear about that? They impose illegal tariffs, we bow down & scrape the ground they walk on. Our Apoligist-in-Chief let's them dictate our laws & policy to us when they can't even keep their cops & Army from getting blown away in their own little piece of heaven?

    Oh, let's not forget our US Chamber of Commerce and all the companies behind this looking to decimate the US trucking industry just like they've already killed US manufacturing in order to make bigger profits while killing thousands of US driver's jobs and businesses. Yet another indicator that buying American is imperative!

    And finally, let's give credit where it's really due, in the lap of our Administration, from Barry Obummer his own self, Ray the Hood, Annie (level the playing field for all, by golly) Ferro and their co-conspirators in killing off what had been previously considered a non-off shoreable industry. The sole way to stop them and this insanity, is to get hold of your Congressmen & Senators and get them to defund ANY Mexican truck program just like they did in the Bush years. Those almost unanimous House votes (400 some to 3)and overwhelming Senate totals to cut the money out that supported the truck deal can be done again, assuming the Dems aren't scared to shoot down a proposal of their own party's prez..... and enough Reps aren't in the pocket of the US Chamber and industry here that's seemingly intent on crippling the US trucking industry.

    While we're at it, why not boycott Ford, GM, Chrysler, Cummins, CAT, Freightliner etc. and ALL other former US manufacturing companies behind the moves out of the country (and to Mexico in particular) as payback for their lack of fidelity to the country that helped make them great. Wihout Americans those businesses would have NEVER reached the heights that they've attained. Now, after bailing out on the US, they're continuing the travesty by calling for us to support this treasonous plan?

  7. I guess Uncle Sam is trying to make a point. Everyone will have an EOBR no matter who has to pay for it. The last time they let the mexicans truck here, they wouldn't just come up and go right back. I know that for a fact. They would haul OUR freight for pennys on the dollar, at least till they needed more fuel. Then they would go back across, get their cheaper fuel, then come right back up. All they had to do was show a document, they all carried, saying they were taking the product back to Mexico. HA! Perhaps Mr. Obama should move to Cabo also. It fits the pipe dream world, he and his spouse already live in....Gator

  8. Exactly what is the Mexican truck drivers responsibility once they cross the border. And if they have EOBR who are responsible for tracking them?


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