Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LL’s hottest online stories of 2010

With everyone taking stock of the past 12 months and analyzing various pieces of end-of-year data, we decided to do a little number crunching of our own to see which stories got the majority of our Web traffic on the Land Line Magazine website in 2010.

The top stories earned their spots by collecting the most accumulative hits.

The story that so far is owning the number one spot was a combination of regulatory news and funding fears. Associate Editor David Tanner’s “DOT to shut down” for lack of funding topped the list of most hits from readers during 2010.

In second place was State Legislative Editor Keith Goble’s May story, “Colorado left lane restriction nears passage,” giving truckers the heads up on a controversial new law aimed at drivers traveling on a heavily used mountain stretch of I-70.

It’s no surprise that stories relating to the 2009 collapse of Tulsa-based Arrow Trucking scored with readers. A January 2010 special report from Managing Editor Sandi Soendker prompted heavy traffic. The story of the missing Arrow Trucking driver had a happy ending when he turned up alive and well several days later.

Staff Writer Clarissa Kell-Holland’s report about an Arrow Trucking driver who paid off his truck but never received a title, also stirred readers. “Caught in Arrow’s web” was published on Jan. 11, 2010.

Another hot topic this year was CSA 2010. Senior Editor Jami Jones’ special report about myths surrounding the program was a favorite read for info-hungry web surfers. “FMCSA sets timeline, debunks CSA 2010 myths” was published May 28, 2010.

Jami Jones’ report on FMCSA’s black box mandate was a big reader favorite in 2010. “FMCSA targets bad actors with black box mandate” was the special report on April 2.

Among our top 2010 blogs, a couple of stories about Arrow Trucking and one from Charlie Morasch hold the top spots. The top blog was Sandi Soendker’s “Cockroach in the soup,” which told the story of one Arrow driver who scammed others for fuel money and handouts. The second favorite was Sandi’s “Jobless in Tulsa” about an OOIDA member who lost his livelihood with the collapse of Arrow Trucking.

In “Citizen’s arrayest!,” Charlie Morasch blogged about a trucker who used his smartphone to record a CARB enforcement officer giving him an idling ticket.

Anything with “trucker getting treated badly” and “revenge” in it is sure to be a hit. It’s no surprise that Columnist-Trucker Bob Martin’s “Payback time” was his top blog for 2010.

Other top reads were blogs from Land Line staff’s Pork Chop Diaries – written from the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville in March – and blogs about Jasmine Jordan’s incredible run across America.

Generating the most feedback were the stories on OOIDA v. Minnesota State Patrol and other reports on the “fatigue checklist.”

To all of our online fans – thanks for reading Land Line’s daily news. It’s apparent that 2011 will not be short on news and issues. You can bet we’ll be all over it.

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