Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jazzy has done it; now how about you?

The St. Christopher Fund has been commanding a lot of ink lately, thanks mostly to the amazing efforts of Jazzy Jordan, daughter of OOIDA Members Lee and Paulette Jordan. If you aren’t familiar with why Jazzy was running across America, it was actually to raise awareness of efforts of the St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund.

SCF is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance to professional truck drivers who have medical problems and who cannot otherwise afford health care. Assistance may be in the form of direct payment for medical services or prescription drugs; assistance with expenses while recovering from illness and out of work; or help negotiating price reductions with medical providers and hospitals.

OOIDA has become a corporate sponsor of the St. Christopher Fund. We’ve been onboard for a while and not just because Jazzy is the daughter of our members, the Jordans. And, yeah, we are wildly partial to that girl – isn’t everyone?

Aside from that, in the words of Jim Johnston, OOIDA president: “We are thankful such an organization exists, and more than glad to become a corporate sponsor. We know we have members who are in need of help and have even referred some of them to the St. Christopher organization.”

All that said, let’s get to my big point: Jazzy Jordan just ran nearly 3,200 miles through heat, rain, hail, freezing temps. She’s endured highway incidents, including one crash that put her in the ER and wrecked the Jordans’ pickup truck. She’s pumped and excited, but she is weary. She ran into New York today with tears of joy and tears of pain running down her cheeks. What an extraordinary sacrifice she’s made to drive interest in the St. Christopher Fund.

Let’s not let that effort go without the reward it deserves. Go to truckersfund.com or call 877-332-GIVE (877-332-4483). Ten bucks? Twenty? WHATEVER.

Every single person who reads this – go right now and donate in Jazzy’s name.

Photo courtesy of Sergio Negrin.