Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tell my family…

There is little in life more sacred than trying to fulfill the final requests of a dying person – even if that person is a stranger.

Military personnel write letters to loved ones in the event they are killed in the line of duty. Many police officers and firefighters do the same. Those letters connect a family in a way words cannot describe.

In the aftermath of a tragic accident, many times those words of love and caring for family members are uttered to complete strangers – with a simple request, “please tell my family.”

That very situation played out this week at a desolate truck stop in Texas. A dying trucker confided his personal messages to a complete stranger, but nonetheless a fellow trucker.

That request was a heavy burden – but one the Good Samaritan was determined to fulfill. It wasn’t easy. He had no way to track down the family. The company that the victim drove for was far from helpful. Fortunately, after countless calls ending only in frustration, he stumbled onto some folks with the resources to get him in contact with the family.

A man’s last request would be fulfilled – thanks to a lone trucker who stood beside his brother of the road and was good to his word.