Monday, October 11, 2010

Over-the-road serial killin’ truckers?

The FBI’s highway serial killer initiative has sure resulted in a demonizing of a hard-working segment of Americans.

In my opinion, it’s ridiculous and actually rather frantic to finger truckers for hundreds of unsolved murders along our roadways.

Sure, the highway system is full of truckers. But they are not the only workers who make a living on our nation’s highways. Our society has an ever-growing mobile work force out there. There are thousands of service people out there ripping off serious miles. And thousands of sales people are out there and they are not all George Clooney Up-in-the-Air cool dudes.

But let’s dig a bit deeper. I will bet there’s at least a half million travelers out there – desperate, untethered modern gypsies batting around our interstates in crappy old cars and living off cheese crackers and truck stop coffee. Bet there’s plenty of them with a dark history.

We probably have no idea how many drifters and homeless people and worse, just plain human predators exist in obscurity along our highways, panhandling at rest stops and hanging out in truck stops. The invisibility of these people is remarkable. America does not want to see them.

Unfortunately, along with being our nation’s pride-and-joy super slab, the interstate network is also the jungle path of thousands of lost people – many of whom have no respect for other humans.