Friday, October 29, 2010

‘It’s worth the drive …’

We’re fortunate here at OOIDA headquarters to be able to visit with some of the folks who drop in to take a building tour or to take advantage of the Association’s many services.

Sometimes I feel like I’m part of the OOIDA member building tour, but I enjoy it because I get to hear directly from members. Sometimes we have a lot in common.

On a regular basis, our trusted tour guide, Sheri Shepherd, brings around a member from Canada. And because that’s where I’m from, she always makes sure we get introduced.

We had a good chuckle the other day.

Along comes Sherri with OOIDA Member Mike Reinders on a building tour. She tells me that Mike was from Acton, Ontario, and in my best advertising voice, I announce, “It’s worth the drive to Acton.”

Mike nearly did a double take.

“How do you know that?” he asked. And he had a right to ask. Here he is in the middle of the U.S., 1,000 miles from home, and someone is reciting a famous local advertising slogan from his hometown. “It’s worth the drive” has been an advertising slogan for The Olde Hide House as long as I can remember.

Mike told me that The Olde Hide House recently fell on bad times and was liquidating. We agreed that it was a shame.

I am from Listowel, Ontario, about 60 miles from Acton (and totally worth the drive, I might add). Mike told me that he used to live in nearby Drayton, just 20 miles away. That’s a small world, for you.

I need to send a shout-out to two other Canadians who passed through OOIDA headquarters in recent days – Member Duane Richardson of Essex, Ontario, and Member Bob Sage of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Duane and I discussed some cross-border trucking issues. He too, got a kick out of running into a fellow northerner.

Bob Sage is originally from Peterborough, Ontario, so I knew the perfect comeback for him, too.

“Home of the Petes.”

We’re not talking about Peterbilts here, but about the Peterborough Petes hockey team that has produced a number of quality NHL players over the years. Bob and I also agreed to keep in touch on some border trucking issues.

While on the subject, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout-out to another Ontario native, “Snakebite” Bob Heans of Fergus. I talked to Snakebite on the phone recently about a remarkable scenario that he was involved in.

As you may have read on the Land Line site or heard on Land Line Now, Snakebite came to the aid of two young men following a single-vehicle crash near Pittsburgh, PA.

Snakebite used some basic safety techniques and kept the men calm until the ambulance arrived.

The young men not only survived, but one of them credits Bob for helping him avoid an injury to his spinal cord. The man had broken several broken bones in his back, and docs called it a miracle that he wasn’t paralyzed.

We are grateful for every one of you out there, no matter where you’re from or your walk of life. Thanks for your readership and membership. You guys make it “worth the drive” to work.