Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In Atlanta, the fox guards the henhouse

Who’s guarding the henhouse in Georgia? Evidently, it’s a hungry fox.

The people of Atlanta were assured years ago that tolls would be removed from the Georgia 400 once the bonds used to build the roadway were paid off.

But the State Road and Tollway Authority voted on Friday, Sept. 24, to keep the tolls in place for an additional 20 years past the original sunset date in June 2011.

Why would they do this? Because they can. It’s within their authority.

State officials, including Gov. Sonny Perdue, say the additional toll funding is necessary to pay for a list of 11 capital improvements, including expansion at the I-85/GA 400 interchange.

These officials are playing it up as a “new toll” and “new funding” rather than admit that they are going back on a promise made to the people years ago.

Few would doubt the need for improvements, and few are questioning the state of Georgia’s financial health, but highway users have every right to question the method being used to tax people more to drive on the GA 400. Yes, tolls are taxes and this is a “new tax.”


  1. Truth be known if anyone actually expected a government authority would eliminate the tolls on a road they were living in Dream Land.

    Even if GA had all the money it needed they would find another reason to keep them. That was the plan all along or else the elimination of the tolls would have been automatic and not within their authority to just change.

    Still, we need to call them on the carpet and let them know that it is wrong.

  2. What is the word of Government worth? One hen. For those that are too young to remember. The New York Thruway was also to be toll free after it was paid for. Politicians know that Americans have a short memory, and newer generations, like the present, only care about things that give them pleasure. I will bet you a dime to a donut you could ask any young Mew Yorker about the thruway, they would not have a clue. These same individuals would not know whom Eric Holder was.

  3. Lying Politicians!!! Once a tax or toll is in place it rarely ever gets removed. Fire them all, we need some new blood running this country, and this state. I don't even use 400, but like you said it's just another tax.


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