Wednesday, September 15, 2010

CA legislator: Can you hear me now?

One California Air Resources Board critic may have gotten some job protection – albeit temporary – from several state assembly members.

California state Assemblyman Dan Logue, R-Marysville, and 20 other Republican lawmakers signed on to a letter to UCLA’s chancellor, asking Gene Block to “assure proper procedures have been followed by UCLA regarding the dismissal of Dr. Enstrom.”

As Land Line has reported, James Enstrom is battling to keep his job at UCLA, and the professor believes his public questioning of science behind CARB’s most expensive diesel rule has made him an enemy.

Enstrom believes he’s been in the crosshairs of many movers and shakers including Mary Nichols, CARB’s chairman and a veteran air quality regular.

Nichols, who worked in the EPA during the Clinton administration, is a former UCLA faculty member.

The university has allowed Enstrom to remain on the job until March, or until the appeal process runs its course.

“If Dr. Enstrom is dismissed before his appeal has been fully evaluated, we plan to promptly hold a hearing in Sacramento on this matter,” the letter said.

The battle over Enstrom’s job may prove important to truckers and, like Logue, we’ll be watching.