Friday, July 2, 2010

We’re a work horse, not a parade horse

I recently received a letter from a member who suggested we sex up the magazine a bit with some hot girls posing with big trucks. He thought it would help us not be so boring. He thought it would make the magazine better reading, citing some trucking and motorcycle mags that had done this. Some of those pubs are still alive, some long gone.

Member suggestions are always welcome, and what you can do with a magazine is clearly unlimited. Establishing your “editorial identity” and sticking to it is a golden rule. And if you are an association publication, that editorial identity needs to match your mission. Decide who you are, keep it fresh and new, but don’t confuse your reader with weirdness or editorial – or advertising – that is out of character.

OOIDA and its media – well, we ARE NOT all about sexy chicks. Land Line is a business publication and not ever gonna be featuring the Editor’s Pin-Up of the Month.

Nuttin’ wrong with that, just not our thing.

OOIDA is your professional association, not your “Entertainment Tonight.” Let somebody else do that. We’ll do the heavy lifting, the old heavy lifting that reports on the good fight to get good trucking regs passed and bad laws stopped, keeps you informed about toll roads and higher registration fees, opposes split speeds and stuff like more bike paths instead of bridge repair.

Nope, our magazine just flat does not lend itself to being spike-heels-fishnet-short-shorts sexy. We know who we are and we know who we are not.

Thanks for the suggestions, but we won’t be switching from a work horse to a parade horse.


  1. It's already been done, as many LL readers know. Though you still see some hotties at trade shows like MATS - notably in the Peterbilt, Western Star and Freightliner booths - even trucking trade showshave decided T&A doesn't sell Trucks & Accessories.

  2. I agree with you to keep LL as business. One of the biggest attributes of OOIDA and LANDLINE is the backbone to get things done. These groups MAKE A DIFFERENCE for truckers, instead of just making a living for themselves. LONG LIVE OOIDA AND LANDLINE!

    Danny Schnautz

  3. Maybe a special edition with the staff at the beach? Just an idea........

  4. Sandi, thank you for your well worded comments. I am not totally blind but business is business and this is a fine business journal. Keep it as it is.
    Ditto to what Bill Hudgins wrote.

  5. I would just as soon see things stay
    the same, thanks. If someone wants to
    see cuties, buy a Playboy mag. I use
    our mag for info, not cheap thrills.
    Herc F. Life Member #493293

  6. I agree this magazine is for info & human intrest stories for the trucking industry.Keeping up to date on the pros & cons of trucking.If someone wants the hot ladies let them buy playboy magazine.

  7. Never? I guess that's what a guy should expect from a woman editor. I can see, though, where it could be degrading to the many women now in trucking....same as, if there were a 'hunk of the month' provided for them, it would be degrading to many of us guys.

    In all seriousness, I appreciate the fine job you're doing - and commend you for sticking strictly to the mission.

  8. Thank you for being trully professional, & for knowing the difference between professional & preverted.

    Thanks For Everything You Do,
    Jeff & Dawn Kirch

  9. THANK YOU, Land Line! Having spent 11 years as the editor of a small-town newspaper, I appreciate your publication for what it was meant to be -- a publication that keeps those of us who choose to work in the trucking profession -- up-to-date on the facts. Readers who want fiction should stick with their girly magazines!

  10. We appreciate also your stand on T&A. First off, I wouldn't want you to "cheapen" your reputation as lobbyists for our better good. Secondly, LL mag is always in open sight of our kids. I would hope that some day our son (or daughters) would pick up the magazine and grow their interest in our business purely from the standpoint of what a good business it is - not for the hotties in it.

  11. It isn't only about OOIDA/Landline's image it is about all of us trucker's images which lets face it are pretty bad. If Landline ran hot ads with either gender in sexy poses, it would further intensify a trucker as being some sort of pervert to the general public who also read Landline. One goal of OOIDA is to improve the image of the American trucker...can't do that with T&A pics for sure! (tho I think it would be fun to see some of the OOIDA/Landline staff in Burt Reynolds poses *wink wink*...LOLOL) Thanks Sandi for keepin' it clean!


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