Wednesday, March 10, 2010

U.S. Marshals get new wheels

It’s an old but resilient rumor that truckers facing an out-of-service decree from an inspector can summon United States Marshals to spring them. It’s a good wish, as wishful thinking goes, and when Freightliner Trucks announced the United States Marshals Service (USMS) had bought two Freightliner Business Class M2 106 trucks to use as mobile command posts, I couldn’t help but think of them charging down the superslab to rescue some hapless hauler from durance vile behind a weigh station.

“Some of the details that attracted the USMS to the Business Class M2106 include its wide cab doors and easy engine accessibility. When its agents are on the move, the USMS needs a vehicle that won’t slow them down, and the Business Class M2 106 provides that convenience,” said Ken Farber, president, Farber Specialty Vehicles, which customized the vehicles for the marshals.

Though somehow I just can’t see Tommy Lee Jones pulling up in one of these babies at some remote weigh station just because I’m two days behind on my comic books ...


  1. "Resilient" doesn't come near to describing the insidious pervasiveness of this falsehood. One driver hears the story from another, repeats the story so many times that it is now not another driver but himself and will swear adamantly that it actually happened to him. Regardless of how many times one hears this crap, there are two things that never change. 1) They just whipped out their cell phone and called the Marshall's (happened to have the number on speed dial?) 2) It only took the Marshall's 20 minutes or less to arrive, slap the cuffs on the offender, and drive them off to jail...never to be heard from again.

  2. If you had used your time, talents and energy to help stop all the injustice that is piled upon the trucking industry. I would have cheered for you. Your post was a waste of time.

  3. It is a strange. It seems more believe an impossible story than one that is true and possible. I know many of you remember the drivers that ran from N.Y to L.A. in two days, the one that mistakenly pulled his gun on a state trooper that banged on his door to wake him when he was illegally parked. By the way there aren't that many Marshal to perform that kind of task.

  4. The idea is to comment on the post. I believe that,s what was done. There are time to be serious and a time not to. This post was intended to be news. There isn't anything in it that needs be discussed that would help or harm the industry.


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