Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scaling back on rumors

I’ve spoken with more than a few drivers in the past week who have heard variations of a wild rumor coming out of Ohio.

In one version, police officers are walking around a truck stop with a bathroom scale and weighing drivers. In another, scale house means both the truck and the driver are put to the test.

Before you discount these as just another rumor of the road, let me point why these stories may have legs.

The FMCSA Medical Review Board has recommended a series of very restrictive rules that haven’t yet been formally proposed. The MRB has proposed drivers with a BMI of 30 or greater be required to undergo expensive sleep studies that can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000.

They’re planning on doctors performing DOT physicals using the shortcut method of taking height and weight to determine BMI, which involves a scale.

We’ve been able to confirm zero truth to these rumors as yet, but we’ll continue to keep our eyes and ears open.

But after Minnesota troopers were found last year to be looking in drivers’ wastebaskets and looking for pornography as part of a ridiculous checklist for commercial drivers, is the idea of police officers carrying scales out of the question?

So if you see a trooper, officer or anyone forcing a trucker onto a bathroom scale, do me a favor.

Pull out a camera or camera phone and take pictures.

And please leave a comment with a link to the pictures.


  1. It would NOT surprise me in the least if this was true. What better way to get rid of the "old hands"and replace them w/ younger lower paid drivers that will do exactly what they are told("Thats a hot load you gotta do 700 miles to be there @ 8AM)
    Also,It wont be the employer firing the will be the Medical officer deeming the drivers as"unfit".

  2. you are right - It is well within the realm of possibility, and, given how things like this can go viral, the rumors may inspire actual incidents. And what's worse, from seeing the physiques on far too many law enforcement officers, it would be a case of one pot calling another one fat.

  3. It seems that this might be a "weighty" siuation! We need to run the rascals out of the country. What do you think?

    Frank B.
    Willow Spring NC

  4. 'Driver Rumors' have been a problem for years. Like they always say, 'Consider the source', especially in an industry that has its share of tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy nuts. I rarely have my CB radio on any more due to that kind of nonsense.

    I'm sure that I will catch hell from some of my fellow drivers for saying this but I concur with Ben's ... See Morecomments and really think that getting medically unfit (unsafe) drivers off the road wouldn't be a bad thing! I don't know about some of you but I dread the thought of someone having a heart attack or some other major medical event while behind the wheel of a truck with the cruise set at 75 MPH, crossing the median, and hitting other motorists head-on due to never being able to control the truck at all.


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