Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Got leg pain? Change your undies

I drive a desk while most of you drive 40-ton rigs, but that gives us one thing in common: We sit. A lot. And sitting, as you’ve probably heard someplace, was not what we are designed to do. So we have back and leg pain from doing basically nothing.

Recently, I noticed I had this really uncomfortable, almost burning spot beneath my right, um, cheek. Actually, it was where my leg and cheek met, and besides the sore spot, I could feel weird pain radiating down my leg. I knew better than to sit on my wallet, and that was the wrong side anyway. So what gives?

It was a nerve that was giving. To answer the same question famously put to then-candidate Bill Clinton, I’ve almost always preferred tighty-whiteys to other forms of u-trow. And the spot where two seams came together happened to be right under a nerve. To compound the problem, it seemed that my shirttail and, when wearing jeans, their back pocket seam also piled on at that point.

The result was something called “Piriformis syndrome” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piriformis_syndrome), which is another way of saying Owwww! And though I wasn’t sitting on my wallet, the combined pressure of several seams, plus the fact that I’ve lost some padding back there, resulted in the discomfort.

What to do? Sigh, it seems that boxers provide a lot of relief. That, and getting off the chair regularly.

So drivers – if you’re feeling irritation or pain along your upper legs, and have a pain in the a-- (PITA), first empty your back pockets.

Getting that 4-inch thick wallet and rolled-up copy of Land Line out of them might just solve the problem. If not, you might just want to change your underwear.