Thursday, December 17, 2009

Coming up 17s

If you hadn’t heard, Jasmine Jordan, the now 17-year-old daughter of OOIDA Members Lee and Paulette Jordan, is back on track.

Jasmine, who also goes by Jazzy, is running coast to coast in order to bring awareness to the lack of affordable medical coverage for truck drivers.

For her 17th birthday, which happens to be today, Dec. 17, Jasmine is asking supporters to donate $17 to the St. Christopher Fund, a nonprofit fund used to help truckers obtain expensive medical procedures and equipment.

Jazzy, of course, is running 17 miles today (Thursday).

“We're trying to encourage everyone following her to donate $17 to the St. Christopher Fund,” Lee Jordan told me. “She’s got over 700 friends on now. Since she’s not at home getting gifts at a birthday party, she said ‘if everybody donated $17, one family that really needs it might get a better Christmas.”

Jazzy is now running through West Texas, just east of Sierra Blanca.

This week, she was joined on one run by the Sierra Blanca High School basketball team, who escorted her through the city.

“It probably pushed her, having some similar-age athletes with her,” Lee said. “Only one of them made it all the way through town.”

Recently, Jazzy was joined on a run by several U.S. Army soldiers from Fort Bliss, TX. A sergeant even took the wheel for a few miles so Lee could run with his daughter.

“I got out there to run with her, and that was the highlight of my day,” Lee said.

OOIDA Member Tim Pope called the Land Line Now comment line Wednesday and said he’d be chipping in to help the cause, and one 55-year-old trucker donated a dollar for every year of his age.

Lee wanted to thank the KOA Campground in Van Horn, TX, which has rolled out the red carpet for Jasmine and him.

The campground donated an RV spot for the Jordans to use as they run in West Texas, and even cleaned their pool out so Jazzy could take her post-run cool water bath.

A group of other campers there joined together to have a supper in Jasmine’s honor Wednesday night, Lee said.

“Some of them went out and got a birthday banner, and are making a cake today for her,” Lee said.

To donate to the St. Christopher Truckers Development & Relief Fund, click here and follow the “make a donation” button.

For more information on Jasmine Jordan’s run across America, click here.