Friday, May 1, 2009

Dr. John reaches out to truckers

OOIDA’s Call to Actions blast out of our Missouri headquarters frequently. They are e-mailed or sent any way we can get them to you. If you don’t have a computer, phone or address, we’ll send you smoke signals.

When we think an issue needs your attention, we move on it, notifying big numbers of people and doing it fast. Mostly, it’s regulatory or legislative or maybe a fraud alert. But this week, a CTA went out from headquarters that was a bit different than most. But the importance level was up there.

PDMD’s Dr. John McElligott got permission from OOIDA President Jim Johnston to do a Call to Action to “fellow members and brother drivers” in Dr. John’s own words.

Here’s some selected parts of that communication:

Most of you have heard of Professional Driver Medical Depots, PDMD. Our providers and I have treated thousands of you at our medical depots across the country. I am glad to say that, with the help of OOIDA and Nemo Entertainment, we have seen a difference in the health of our drivers. We hope you will keep up the momentum and continue to let us help you.

Now the tables are turned, and we need your help to survive these difficult times.

Just like many of you, PDMD has struggled and has almost fallen many times. But by the grace of God and you drivers, we managed to survive week-to-week and month-to-month.

When Bill Godwin, a trucker, had the dream of helping truckers on the road with medical clinics, it fell on deaf ears. Well, that was not the case with me. 10 years after talking with Bill, my family and a few friends borrowed enough money to open PDMD No.1 in Knoxville, TN and then another one in West Memphis, AR.

In Arkansas, OOIDA helped fight the politicians in Little Rock to stay open and we won. The Medical Board said drivers don’t need these facilities. “They can go to existing offices across Arkansas.” Well, when 20 trucks parked in the parking lot of the President of the Board’s office, they changed their minds. These drivers make the difference, and PDMD has saved many a driver from losing his or her career.

So as you can see, PDMD and OOIDA have always been partners along with other independent truckers across this great nation.

This need for passion goes even further than our medical care for drivers. We are in Washington on many occasions so that we can educate the bureaucrats about drivers who keep America moving.

Sad to say, most don’t have a clue what professional drivers do. If not for Bill Godwin, OOIDA and Dave Nemo, few in Washington, DC, and state capitols would even know a professional driver.

PDMD is on the brink of being successful and is also on the brink of closing. I hope you won’t let this happen. Together over the past three years we have helped save many lives, families and careers. Let us together continue to do what we love to do.

So I, Dr. John, and all of our dedicated staff at Professional Driver Medical Depots are asking you, the professional driver, to stop and let PDMD do preventive maintenance on you from time to time just as you do on your big rig. This PM will help PDMD stay open and grow across this great nation.

At PDMD we know that America travels by truck. And we will let anyone who asks us, whether in Washington, DC, or El Paso, TX, know that truckers are the backbone of this great country.

Thank you for your support,

Dr. John

Life Member of OOIDA

Semper Fi

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Don’t keep it between the lines

There’s something inherently twisted about the Virginia Department of Transportation painting zigzag white lines in some areas to encourage drivers to slow down. I mean, this is the same state that wants to close rest areas to sleepy truckers and force them back onto the highways.

Don’t you think fatigue alone is enough to make regular white lines blur and twist? Heaven help the drowsy driver who happens upon a stretch of these beauties. They don’t make anti-rollover technology strong enough to keep a rig upright if the driver tries to stay within these lines.