Monday, November 2, 2009

SCR comes to cars in ‘Oz’

With all the hammering the diesel engine industry – which in the U.S. means trucking – has taken over emissions, it’s nice to see that attention is turning toward four-wheeled emitters. At least, it is in Australia (aka Oztralia or Oz), where Mazda is testing a car that uses SCR to reduce greenhouse gases in exhaust.

Selective catalyst reduction – SCR – is emerging as a popular choice for diesel engine makers to meet 2010 EPA emission requirements. Being Australian, The Age web site naturally reports on this with tongue in cheek (I’m surprised they didn't make some kind of pun about it running on pee-trol), but the intent is serious.

Trucks have taken the blame for being “the cause” of pollution too long.

It’s time for the rest of the driving population to shoulder some of the burden. Who knows – that might inspire better systems that don’t rob power or reduce fuel efficiency. Dare I say that the solution could come from some Wizard in Oz?