Thursday, November 12, 2009

In lieu of flowers

Trucker Larry Works, a longtime OOIDA member with a larger-than-life personality, died earlier this week.

Larry’s widow, Chris Works, told me that truckers and friends were welcome to make a donation to the American Lung Association in lieu of flowers.

I got to know Larry two years ago, when he called Land Line to talk about his 2006 arrest at a Joplin, MO truck stop.

As Land Line detailed in this news story, Larry was tasered multiple times, and both he and his wife were pepper sprayed while inside their truck cab after an argument with an apparently off-duty sheriff’s deputy from Newton County, MO.

With a booming voice and occasionally colorful language, Larry enjoyed talking about his work and all the friends he made. In fact, he had contact information for several witnesses he said backed up his side of the taser incident story.

Larry died from an apparent heart attack on Monday, something his family said stems from the 2006 tasing incident.

Like many truck drivers and OOIDA members, Larry was a military veteran and a self-made businessman. Larry didn’t mind telling me he had no problem sticking up for himself and his wife after what he termed an encounter with a “rogue, off-duty” cop that July day in south Missouri.

Unfortunately, the Works family was forever changed by the incident, and we’ve all now lost a good driver and a great character.


  1. It seems to me that after 3 yrs, his heart attack would be unlikely related to the taser incident.

  2. What a tragedy. We all know that for the most part the police do a good job and provide a vital function. But, if you are one of the victims of police misconduct or brutalit--and you never receive justice--then I'm sure that you must think that we might as well live in Iran or North Korea.

    I hope the family and friends stay strong. I run a dash cam all the time and I think the key to bringing rogue officers to justice is for everyone to remember to pull out the cell phone and video encounters like this should we ever be a witness.

  3. Anonymous? Or is it Dr. Anonymous? Whether the incident is a direct or contributing cause to Mr. Works death is something that Anonymous people are probably not qualified to make a judgment upon......Now if you where a Dr. Anonymous then by all means you would be qualified to speak on all things.....anonymously of course.....

    Here's to Mr. Works and the service he provide this nation. Over seas and here in America. Where everyone is guilty until proven innocent. My deepest sympathy to the Works family. RIP.

  4. May this gentleman rest in peace our prayers go to his family,we all know the reality of our jobs some officers out there believe we are an easier target or maybe they are still living in the 60s


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