Monday, October 26, 2009

Dashing home, but only briefly

Jasmine Jordan, 16-year-old daughter of two OOIDA members, is home resting a stress fracture for the next three to four weeks. Jasmine found out last week she had a small fracture in her foot, and will take an additional three weeks off minimum.

If you follow Jasmine, also known as Jazzy, on her Web site, or follow her on the Facebook or Twitter social networking sites, you probably already knew that.

Jazzy is running coast to coast to raise money for the St. Christopher Fund and to bring awareness to rising healthcare costs. The St. Christopher Fund helps truck drivers obtain medical procedures or equipment they couldn’t otherwise afford.

She was midway through New Mexico when the pain required her to take time off and visit a doctor.

The stress fracture wasn’t good news, but it does allow Jasmine to see her family, rest her exhausted body, and sleep in her own bed for a few weeks, said Lee Jordan, Jasmine’s dad and a truck driver.

“She’s doing good,” he said. “She wants to be running. She’s glad to be home but wishes she were still in New Mexico, running.”

Jasmine has grown a healthy following from many truck drivers who have followed her posts on Facebook, Lee said. Their messages are a welcome pick-me-up after she puts in 16-20 miles of running per day, studies, and shares a small camper with her dad.

“The support we’ve gotten from drivers on Facebook has just been incredible,” Lee said. “It is so, so nice. Everybody’s keeping up with her and wishing her the best. It’s very encouraging to her. Every time she reads more she just wants to get back out there and run.”

One runner has become friends with the Jordan family, and has lent his running experience to Jazzy.

The 44-year-old has completed a transcontinental run himself, actually running 3,200 miles in 109 days, Jordan said.

He made a video slideshow available here.

Before the Jordan family left New Mexico, they were able to meet up with Katie Visco, a 22-year-old woman running from Boston to San Diego.

Meeting Visco (pictured above with Jazzy) was very special, Lee said.

“For the first time in history, not only have two runners met during a cross-country tour, but two female runners have met,” Lee said. “It’s just unheard of.”