Monday, September 28, 2009

About those computers in the cab

On Sunday, Sept. 27, the New York Times ran a story by Matt Richtel titled “Truckers Insist on Keeping Computers in the Cab.” To read the article, click here.

Don’t just read the article. Be sure and read the comments section.

I really like the dolt from North Carolina who doesn’t need trucks. How’s that garden behind the Piggly Wiggly doing there, Bubba?

And as for the main text of the piece ... why do they always seem to find the biggest idiot in a truck stop?

Dogs on his lap along with his Qualcomm? Unkempt cab? Oh, pulllleeeeeze.

And I guess they forgot to mention that many carriers have a failsafe function on QC that if the brakes are released you cannot read or use the QC.

Dave says:

Texting and driving = very unsafe, whether the person is a police officer, trucker or Buffy on the way to the mall;

Cell phones with a Bluetooth/hands-free = safe;

Voice control dialing = safe;

GPS = safe, within limits.

One more thing. Big Brother needs to butt out.

That’s what Dave says, but who asked me? Not like that stopped me in the past.


  1. Those who write that crap and put out those news articles
    Three Words.....


    Verry simple we drop all the
    anti truck, vegan wus,tree hugging, yuppie snob,anti cop, anti military, pro comiunisim, spineless magott, evil power plant emisions,
    Searia club, Green Peace,C.A.R.B. compliant, Liberal voters,as well as those who choose not to contribute to our country and drop them off in thier own state like Calafornia.
    Shut off the power grid,and dont make any deliveries and see how long they last.
    Bob Wolf Wolf Trucking

  2. When the study came out from VTTI I emailed them to ask some questions. One of the questions I asked was if they had done any studies regarding qualcomm use and safety. They said they HAD NOT! This entire article is based on texting, NOT computer or qualcomm use because the study DOES NOT EXIST to measure it! VTTI's spokesperson said they hadnt had anyone willing to fund such a study. I cannot find a way to comment on this article or I would certainly be calling this writer on what amounts to a phony article! I have the email messages from VTTI's spokesperson on that study.

    Incidentally, the same study, if read carefully, shows ONLY ONE GROUP that has no loss of safety performance while talking on a dash-mounted microphone. . . truck drivers! Look in the study-it's there.

    If OOIDA would like to jump on this writer with both feet, I'm perfectly willing to send you the email exchange!

  3. Reading those comments shows what a sad place we live in. The pure selfishness of people is astounding. To say "truckers are a menace, why can't we use rail transport?" and then see 50 people back that up is incredible. These are the same people that come flying from behind you when you have your signal on to change lanes. Today in a construction backup, I got passed on the shoulder by probably 20-25 4-wheelers. There are some selfish, awful people out there and some of them drive trucks. But at least when they're in trucks, most of them seem to know better than to drive that way.

    I used to work for Transam a several years ago. As for the QC, I always hated stopping to read messages. Especially getting 4-6 per day, at least two marked *URGENT*. I had no choice though, the unit was disabled when the truck was in motion. I feel everyone's pain there.

    Now I do local flatbed with my own authority so QC is a thing of the past for me.

    And easy Mr. Wolf, I may be the only one in existence, but i'm a vegan truck driver!! :)

  4. “Truckers Insist on Keeping Computers in the Cab.”

    Will someone please tell those idiots at The New York Times that thing isn’t a computer. It’s called Satellite Communications!

    The one in the photo is called PeopleNET.
    It computes nothing!
    It sends and receives messages.
    Plus, the administrator can set it to either make messages not able to read while driving, or not allow the driver to type messages while driving, or BOTH.

    It doesn’t do text massaging since most of us need something more the 1980’s technology in our trucks. We in the modern age have real keyboards. Plus, we have phones that are able to send voice messages across the wires or air (Most of us call it talking).

    So Mr. New York Times.
    Put down the cell phone and talk into your hands free voice devise and stop drifting into my lane!

    Timothy J. Begle [snarky]

  5. It appears that his 2 day meeting is only about trucks and their drivers and not about the cars etc. The stats show where the problem people come from, only problem is, it's too to shut the barn door after the horse has left

  6. We all know what causes 99.9% of all crashes involving trucks and 4 wheelers . ITS THE 4 WHEELERS but since we just sit back and take the abuse like always, we are now seeing more and more UNFAIR JOB THREATENING RULES AND REGS . FMCSA and DOT knows also , but there is so much money to be made by rapping drivers that they will lie and cover up the truth .I have seen as many as 50 4 wheelers texting in a 8 hour run .CSA 2010 should be geared totally twards 4 wheelers and not trucks .I dont understand why OOIDA is not working to get FMCSA and DOT to look at the 4 wheelers and stop CSA 2010 in its tracks. The only thing CSA 2010 is going to do is put thousands of good drivers out of work for good, and open the door for carriers to hire totally un qualifed , younger drivers and pay them 29 and less cpm .


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