Monday, September 28, 2009

About those computers in the cab

On Sunday, Sept. 27, the New York Times ran a story by Matt Richtel titled “Truckers Insist on Keeping Computers in the Cab.” To read the article, click here.

Don’t just read the article. Be sure and read the comments section.

I really like the dolt from North Carolina who doesn’t need trucks. How’s that garden behind the Piggly Wiggly doing there, Bubba?

And as for the main text of the piece ... why do they always seem to find the biggest idiot in a truck stop?

Dogs on his lap along with his Qualcomm? Unkempt cab? Oh, pulllleeeeeze.

And I guess they forgot to mention that many carriers have a failsafe function on QC that if the brakes are released you cannot read or use the QC.

Dave says:

Texting and driving = very unsafe, whether the person is a police officer, trucker or Buffy on the way to the mall;

Cell phones with a Bluetooth/hands-free = safe;

Voice control dialing = safe;

GPS = safe, within limits.

One more thing. Big Brother needs to butt out.

That’s what Dave says, but who asked me? Not like that stopped me in the past.