Friday, June 19, 2009

From Steve in Iraq

Our member Steve Gallavan calls California his home, but for now he’s trucking in Iraq. In the June issue of Land Line, I wrote a bit about him and slipped a photo into “Chicken dinner news.” Steve keeps in touch with Holly in our membership department, and she just got a new letter from him.

OK, Sunday is the first day of summer here. Wonder how hot it is in Iraq? You can’t read Steve’s latest letter without feeling that scorching sand.

Steve writes: “Hot as heck now ... about 118F to 120F when I walk out. ... The secret is ice cold water all the time, and when it cools to 98F in the evening you think it is nice.”


  1. Yeh we bitch and moan here so much we forget reality of the lives of our soldiers in such places. thanks Sandi and others at OOIDA for keeping guys like Steve front and center. I don't know him but I will be thinking of him the next time I fuss about the heat.

  2. Steve, you are a hunk!!!!

  3. Holly from OOIDAJune 23, 2009 at 2:08 PM

    I enjoy keeping in touch with our drivers and soldiers overseas, Steve reminds me of their reality and what they face on a daily basis. They work hard and deserve the recognition. Speaking of deserving… I will be helping with our Truckers for Troops packing day tomorrow! The Association, with the help of our members, ship boxes of goodies overseas… This is a fun exciting project that we get to be a part of and is appreciated by all.


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