Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who is Dan Blower?

About 10 years ago, I interviewed a guy named Dan Blower, a researcher with the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. He was the guy whose study revealed that most of the car-truck fatalities were not the fault of the trucker. Yes. THAT guy.

Dan told me something that knocked me out. He said that even if truckers NEVER made an error, if the truckers NEVER operated in an unsafe manner, if they were all perfect – only a minority of the car-truck fatal crashes would be eliminated.

This is a fact our government and our safety advocates can’t seem to get a grip on.

Why is that so hard to understand? And why can’t we keep this in mind when we are expending such massive sums and creating such efforts to make trucks toe the safety mark?

I don’t see one-fourth of that effort aimed at the documented more dangerous drivers like elderly drivers who should have parked it years ago, or inexperienced teenagers who race up and down the highway every day, radios booming, three in front and four in the back, no seat belts, zipping in and out of traffic.

If we want to reduce car-truck crashes, the nation needs to place appropriate balance on improving the actions of the OTHER vehicles on the road.


  1. Yeah!!
    What she said....

  2. We are so covered up with rules and regs and tech requirements even as truckers we fail to see this reality.

  3. Now if we could just get Dan and the "right" legal counsel connected, we may have a combination really worth....well at least we could heavily blog about them all over the world...YOU guys know what I mean (LOL)!!!!!!

  4. Ditto. Why can't those who make these rules get the picture?

  5. I found this article rather interesting. It is true, truckers today are left to be held accountable and responsible for safety on our roads today. For a very long time I have wondered why?? Why are we as truck drivers treated any differently than anyone else using our highways? Why is it starting to feel a whole lot like discrimination? Truck drivers are pulled over by the DOT for absolutely no reasons at all, the trucks are searched, all paperwork searched more often than not for no reason at all. Our drivers have been told many times by DOT officers that they will not write up an inspection form and if our drivers want the form the officer will keep looking until something is found wrong. It is just gotton out of control. Granted there are truck drivers out there that need to be taken off the roads~ that we can all agree on. But why is the trucking industry as a whole punished for that of bad drivers who should have never been issued CDL's anyways? Just because there are drivers out there breaking the laws does not mean we should all be punished and given mounds of paperwork to do, unnecessary DOT audits, inspections etc. Other automobiles and people on the roads are not held to the same standards. Most accidents wouldn't happen with big trucks if people would just pay attention, give the trucks the extra space needed and respect large equipment on the roads. For instance: We have a driver who was performing his work like normal one day, driving along, just trying to get his job done like any other day when a motorist decides to peel out in front of our truck, ok~ driver of course slows down for the idiot who pulled out in front of him and then this same car hits their brakes suddenly because there was a highway patrol nearby which caused our driver to have to hit his brakes more, well next thing you know our driver is stopped by the highway patrol and written up for a "follow to close" violation, which of course is held against us the company he drives for for the next 30 months. Does any of this make sense at all?? Does this just scream unfairness and discrimination? I think we should all strike against the DOT and the FMCSA, make them leave us alone, let us do our job, yes take the crazies off the road both in trucks and personal vehicles, even some of the farmers should be taken off the roads~ they are the worst for pulling out in front of big trucks- leave the rest of us alone! Doctors, lawyers, construction workers, labor workers etc. they all work as many hours in a day as they wish then get in a vehicle to drive on public roads, why is it the trucking industry seems to be so grossly mistreated and discriminated against??

  6. Just want to remind everyone....Our justice system are laws written by lawyers for lawyers and until "We the people" stand together and say "ENOUGH" nothing will change. Oh and I'm standing right now....Are you?


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