Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Don’t keep it between the lines

There’s something inherently twisted about the Virginia Department of Transportation painting zigzag white lines in some areas to encourage drivers to slow down. I mean, this is the same state that wants to close rest areas to sleepy truckers and force them back onto the highways.

Don’t you think fatigue alone is enough to make regular white lines blur and twist? Heaven help the drowsy driver who happens upon a stretch of these beauties. They don’t make anti-rollover technology strong enough to keep a rig upright if the driver tries to stay within these lines.


  1. Virginia should be boycotted by the trucking industry. But then no one has the guts.

  2. This is the same state that years ago made me leave a rest area in the middle of my then 8 hour break.But hey,its all about safty right?

  3. I haven’t been to Virginia for years but if they are like the rest of the states they buy their paint at Wal-Mart and it’ll be gone soon anyway. Also while it is there it has no reflective quality so you can’t see it after dark or during the day in the rain..Thank you to all states for spending my road tax dollars on things other than its intended use
    Robert Strong
    Robert Strong Trucking

  4. I am so glad we don't run in or through Virginia! I would have to agree with Mr. Strong. Wouldn't this money be better spent actually painting the white and yellow lines so we can see them better, especially in the rain?? Don't we have enough signs and road markings to worry about as it is?? They shouldn't be doing things to confuse drivers, they should be doing things to make it easier for drivers to do their jobs. Is it just me or is everyone else just plain tired of what is being done in the trucking industry today?? It's getting so difficult for even the honest hard working folks to make it in the trucking industry these days. We are taxed to death, our rights to privacy taken away, even some of our personal rights taken away, inundated with paperwork-rules-regulations, expenses increasing while revenue is not, we are told how many hours we can work in a day, the list goes on. Not only should Virginia be boycotted- so should the whole trucking industry. Our world revolves around truckers getting the goods out to the end user, we should all be treated with more fairness and respect. Nothing will change until the companies and their drivers start standing up and fighting for what is right. What is going on in the trucking industry today across the board is not right.


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