Thursday, February 26, 2009

TWIC gives the mule skinners blues

Maybe this story will bring a smile to one trucker who has spent hours traveling, applying and paying more than $100 to enroll in TWIC.

It’s not uncommon to see state workers dressed in colonial-era clothes helping mules pull a canal boat through the National Canal Museum historical park in Easton, PA.

Unfortunately for those clad in velvet, ruffles and buckled shoes these days in Easton, PA – that means a federally required biometric security ID.

The museum, is fighting a requirement that its “mule skinners,” as CNN recently reported, enroll and receive the Transportation Worker Identification Credential. It seems all mariners holding U.S. Coast Guard-issued credentials must obtain the TWIC, CNN reported.

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U.S. Rep. Charles, Dent., R-PA, who has requested a waiver from TSA for the mule-drawn boat operators, recently asked new Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano if TWIC was necessary for the museum workers. Dent “even displayed a picture of two mules, Hand and George, tugging a canal boat in the company of two park employee mule drivers in colonial working attire,” CNN wrote.

“Hand and George, while sometimes are ornery, they are not terrorists,” Dent said, according to CNN.

Kind of makes you wonder what Harry Truman would say.