Friday, November 14, 2008

Gasp – sleep study market growth slows!

Land Line Magazine and Land Line Now have focused a good deal on sleep apnea the past several months, and for good reason.

As more Americans have learned and been diagnosed with sleep disorders like apnea, powerful medical regulators within FMCSA are kicking around the merits of requiring CDL-holders with body mass indexes of 30 or greater from having mandatory sleep labs performed.

You can read more about that from Land Line Magazine here, where we exposed ties the FMCSA Medical Review Board keeps with the sleep study industry.

On Nov. 11, the National Sleep Foundation announced in this release that growth in the sleep study market is slowing, due in part to a decision by Medicare/Medicaid to pay for small machines that can be used to collect sleep disorder information.

The Medicare/Medicaid decision looks to be a good decision for truckers, who can’t afford the time or the expense that sleep studies cost, particularly for owner operators.

FMCSA could adopt the Medical Review Board’s recommendation, and OOIDA will be watching it closely, so stay tuned. No matter what happens, do yourself a favor today and take a deep long breath.