Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here’s a tip if you haul produce

How many times have you heard it? Information is power.

Here on the Land Line blog, we’ve been discussing the state of the freight and how it affects owner-operators as opposed to major motor carriers.

Plenty of owner-operators haul produce. This is a business where you MUST be on your toes. With the cost of fuel, there’s no room for a bad decision. So here’s a tip that we think will be helpful.

The USDA publishes a weekly “Fruit and Vegetable Truck Rate Report,” which is available on its Web site and updated every Wednesday, but few produce truckers are actually aware that the report exists.

The USDA bases the rates on its reports on open – or spot – market rates “that shippers or receivers pay depending on basis of sale, per load, including truck brokers’ fees for shipment in truck load volume to a single destination.”

OOIDA has added a link to its Web site so truckers can quickly access the USDA numbers. Visit and click on the USDA report button in the upper right corner to read the weekly government report.