Monday, March 24, 2008

Got your mojos working

Mojo is an old word that’s been newly hijacked to describe “mobile journalists.” Beginning tomorrow, that’s us. Land Line Senior Editor Jami Jones, Staff Writer Charlie Morasch and I will be southbound for the Mid-America Trucking Show. In Kentucky, we’ll meet up with Senior Technical Editor Paul Abelson, Field Editor Suzanne Stempinski and Columnist Bill Hudgins.

Also headed to Louisville are those backpacking broadcasters of XM Satellite Radio: Mark Reddig, Terry Scruton, Sherry Murry and Barry Spillman of “Land Line Now” on Open Road Channel 171.

The OOIDA gang is packing up, too. You’ll find the big square booth – No. 14152 – in the North Wing (which used to be the East Wing), just about dead center. Howard and Pam Hart and OOIDA’s truck will in the front parking lot near the pork chop stand; just follow the smell of the pork chops. Ron Mermis and the OOIDA NASCAR simulator will be set up at Papa John’s stadium.

The show officially runs Thursday through Saturday, but OOIDA media will be there early for Press Day and set-up days. So for the rest of the week, our regular Land Line Media Blog will be on hiatus, but never fear. For those of you jonesin’ for the word, we will be blogging from MATS.

You can read the Pork Chop Diaries Blog on our Web site every day through the end of the show. Hot news, cool stuff. What truckers are doing and saying about the current economic situation.

If we see Elvis, you’ll know it first.