Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanks a billion (five actually)

Land Line subscribers have been reading about California’s proposed on-road in-use rule for more than a year and, believe it or not, the proposed rule’s time is approaching.

The first public vote is scheduled for this Thursday, Dec. 11.

The rule would essentially require trucks to meet 2007 and 2010 emissions standards between 2012 and 2022, though it allows for a series of compliance options. The regulation addresses both diesel particulate matter and oxides of nitrogen.

You can read about what some truckers plan to do during Thursday’s CARB meeting, and read about an OOIDA member profiled in this news story.

It’s estimated to cost trucking companies $4 billion to $5 billion, give or take a few billion, so yeah it’s a big deal.

Should you want to put on your emissions geek hat and join us, a link should be available at on Thursday to follow.