Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Eye in the sky

After the recent terrorist attack in Mumbai, India, investigators said the assailants used Google Earth maps to plot and carry out their attack. Here’s a link to an article on the terrorists’ use of technology.

You can read Land Line’s previous reporting on intelligence vehicle systems – and the concerns truckers have about the technology – here.

As you can tell from the article, many truckers are already knee-deep in technology.

Check out a few personal entries from drivers on networking sites like Twitter or facebook.com sites, and it seems very apparent that firing up the Web and checking text messages may be second only to grabbing morning coffee for many over-the-road professionals.

What level of detail and variety of satellite images will be downloaded from any Web-capable electronic device five years from now? Such technology could help truckers avoid traffic snags or provide better weather information.

We won’t know until then, however, if the little black boxes that digitally track every second of a trucker’s day combined with the latest gizmos of the day prove to be as dangerous as they are convenient.