Monday, November 3, 2008

House divided

People feel so passionately about this presidential election;I hope that after it’s over, we can reunite behind one administration. I say this with the most personal of experience. Right now, I am living in one of those homes divided by political allegiances.

I hope that after the election, my husband and I can get back to being married people instead of complete and total foes. How the heck do Mary Matalin and James Carville stay together? Arnold and Maria always seem to get along, too. How do they do that?

Part of it is the situation the nation is in right now. There’s a lot to fret about. This ain’t no popularity contest. This is serious. My husband and I both are most worried about the economy. We need revived. My husband is so devoted to his candidate that he can’t see a rise from the ashes if this person is not elected. I sorta feel the same.

I don’t feel my husband has thoroughly analyzed the issues, and I think he’s listening to propaganda and believing every word. He doesn’t think I have the big picture at all.

He thinks I have “drunk the Kool-Aid.” I think he is making a dangerously uninformed vote.

We have two TVs, and I watch the news for every bit of info I can get. He watches bull riding and NASCAR because he does not need info. He’s made up his mind and does not want to be confused by any late-emerging facts.

The campaign ads are aggravating to both of us. He believes his candidate would not approve misconstrued facts or quotes taken out of context. I think he’s naive. He thinks I am cynical.

The closer it gets to Election Day, the more worried I am about the great divide that has occurred between us. Plus, I am pretty sure that he is going to let the air out of my tires or some such shenanigan so I can’t get to the polls to cast my vote.

I wonder how it will be after the election. Can we get back to being friends? We have some really important stuff to do together. Like landscaping. If we can’t get along, we’ll never get those yard projects done. And picking new furniture? What a mess. And choosing the right path that will keep us solvent and bills paid? That big remodel project? We need to agree or we’ll go to hell.

Will our nation be like that, too? Would Americans that feel so passionately about Sen. McCain be able to handle Sen. Obama as our nation’s leader? Would Obama supporters handle a McCain victory? Will we be a nation of parties not speaking to each other?

That can’t be. We have to go into this election with it in our heads that no matter what, we come out on the other side united. We’ve got some critical remodeling to do.


  1. Seems to me that she feels she is right and he is wrong. And she wonders why she is having troubles.

  2. Ifeel you're pain. The last few weeks have been hell on the c.b. It seems that nobody can respect other
    people's opinions. I'am an 8 year Army vet, did two tours
    in Iraq. I voted for Obama, and
    I have
    for it ever since . Too much finger pointing going on in this country. We seem to forget we are all in this together.
    -Rob Goodall

  3. I feel your pain, too, but it was not my wife it was my two sons and now that it's over, they got there wish. Is up to me now to come around. They didn't gloat which helped. We'll make it. Funny but I am learning more about Obama than I knew before. I didn't know he worked out, was such a fitness freak. I was a Marine. I think fitness is important is any leadership role.

  4. Well, the whole thing is, some of us are RIGHT, and the rest of you are just going to have to understand that!

    Ok ok, but seriously now, typically the truth lies (no pun intended) somewhere in between the two "sides." Certainly there is slanting of the truth (which involves leaving out some facts) on both sides. For sure some missteps are more critical and longer-lasting than others. It can be scary; it does matter!

    What needs to be remembered is that we're all in the same boat. If "their" end sinks, then "my" end does too. So, someone has to grow up and be the bridge that will ensure that the boat will stay afloat!


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