Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mary Peters paints a truck-free picture

It’s difficult to imagine a world without trucks. That is, unless you’re with the DOT.

Solutions offered by U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters to some of the nation’s most challenging transportation problems do not bode well for truckers.

Here’s the proof.

Peters recently announced a plan for reform that would consolidate 108 DOT programs into eight programs with priority given to congestion relief, tolling and public-private partnerships.

The DOT provided a glimpse at what the future could hold with stylish “before” and “after” shots posted on the Web.

Click here to check out the current state of highways “without reform.” Notice the typical gridlock.

Now click here to see what the highways are supposed to look like “with reform” under the Peters plan. Notice a wide open highway with only five vehicles on it.

None of these vehicles are trucks.

During a transportation hearing earlier this year, U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-OR, asked Peters if the administration’s call for more congestion tolling was geared to price everyone off the roadways except for the occasional Lexus.

Judging by her suggested reforms, the answer is pretty clear.


  1. Why is anyone surprised by anything this woman and her constituents do. All you need to do is read what they are trying to do regarding body mass index and HOS to know that they are doing their best to reduce the number of trucks moving up and down the highway. And for those who are left, watch out because the revenue from fuel taxes is going to go down so guess who will pick up the loss. Don't fool yourself by thinking that they are going to reduce their spending because we all know that NEVER happens. It is the same old story of doing more with less . . . welcome to the industry of trucking in America!!!

  2. Once again Mary Peters has shown her IGNORANCE, maybe with a new administration these incompetent people will be replaced. One can only hope....

  3. This woman SOOOO needs to be replaced and the sooner the better. My question is, with only five vehicles on the road, where did all the traffic go? Make no mistake, Americans will never permanently give up their independance and their vehicles. The recent hike in fuel prices demonstrate that. As soon as the price drops a little traffic picks up again. So I can only assume the congestion problems move elsewhere where again states and local goverments struggle with the same old same old problem. And again, as the recent hike in fuel prices have shown, toll revenue is NOT a sure thing. Recent studies show that since the price of fuel went up, people started avoiding the toll roads and in order for them to make their projected income would have to, in some cases, double the tolls paid. The whole theory is flawed. Get this woman OUT of office, PLEASE! Why more people aren't upset about our government selling our highways back to us when we already pay through registration and fuel taxes is beyond me. We own those roads as much as the next Joe who pays taxes so why do we put up with this? And when was the last time a road actually was made smoother or genuinly improved? PA sure hasn't and I'd like to know what they do with all their money that they think they need to ruin I80 as well?


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