Friday, August 1, 2008

Easy rider

Truckers know the limits and high costs for driving around the Washington, DC, area, but until yesterday, few Americans understood just how big a bill they are footing for federal employees.

The Associated Press published an interesting story on Thursday, July 31, detailing the federal government’s fleet of more than 640,000 vehicles. The AP reported that operating federal vehicles cost taxpayers $3.4 billion in 2007. The story is available here.

Interestingly, DOT Secretary Mary Peters is one of a few government agency heads to have more than one driver, The AP reported. Her two drivers earn more than $128,000 combined last year.

Maybe Peters needs two drivers because they’re union.

No word on whether her last federally funded joyride will conclude with a stop at the Arizona governor’s mansion.

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  1. There's no accountablity today in these government agencies. To waste so much money on uneccesary vehicles. They should be made to reduce there fleets and the money could be used for oh lets say healthcare, or education. Funding for many important items are reduced every year but it's ok to buy more cars and pay to let them sit there. Do these top government officials not have licenses?


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