Monday, August 18, 2008

Are you tired?

Do you think you should be tired?

Are you tired of seeing news stories talking about lack of sleep, and how tired Americans are?

I’m yawning just thinking about them.

Every week we’re hit by “Good Morning America” or in USA Today with stories about why we’re too tired, can’t sleep at night, and probably suffer from a debilitating disease that quickly explains our being overweight and our early morning red-eye – all before traffic and weather!

Yet, according to The Wall Street Journal, nonprofit groups funded largely by drug companies help plant stories on topics such as Americans’ lack of sleep and the obesity epidemic.

Groups such as the National Sleep Foundation continue e-mailing faxing press releases and mailing video news releases, which become more influential as media chains continue to cut reporters’ jobs and rely more on those releases.

One member of FMCSA’s Medical Review Board – the group that recommended expensive overnight sleep tests for all CDL holders with body mass indexes of 30 or greater – is an executive committee member and board member of the National Sleep Foundation.

That Medical Review Board member – Dr. Barbara Phillips – herself pushed the argument for lowering the BMI threshold to 30 during the board’s January meeting. You can read more about that by clicking here.

The National Sleep Foundation is funded largely by drug companies, and also receives funds from CPAP manufacturers.

This fact was pointed out in a story I found recently on yahoo news. The story by points out that a recent study showed most Americans get eight hours of sleep, which is plenty.

So keep an eye out for just who is being quoted as an expert in news stories affecting your health.

And another thing:

Put down that Red Bull. You don’t need it!

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  1. I certainly am glad to see OOIDA taking an interest in this! I've been complaining loud and long about the nonsense that goes on with the so-called Medical Review Board and this effort to remove older drivers from the road. We've got a toxic symbiotic realtionship going here between pharmaceutical interests, the Review Board and the ATA carriers-and the driver has little defense.

    So far, they've profited on additional hypertensive prescriptions, CPAP machines and now, we'll be looking at weight loss drugs! I personally know of several who have supposedly been diagnosed by a carrier clinic and subsequently un-diagnosed by a private insurance funded clinic with much more accurate in-depth testing. Now, what I want someone to look at is if there are some financial ties between these carriers who are determined to put a CPAP-with it's attendant 'reporting sleep via cell signal'-on the majority of their drivers and the $$ it costs for them to do this. I'm beginning to think we've got some major investors holding a whole whopping amount of specific transportation stocks AND a bunch of CPAP stocks! Nobody spends this kind of money without an expected-big-return in the future!

    Then, too, once all the US drivers are disqualified, we'll need those Mexican carriers whose drivers dont have to meet these screwed-up regs. . . .this whole mess is a pre-palnned driver shortate!


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