Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Witnesses called in case of Gas v. Diesel

Your honor, we would like to see the case of Gasoline v. Diesel resolved.

It seems that a number of major media, when reporting about various trucker protests in recent days and weeks, said truckers were protesting over “gas prices.”

Many truckers own personal vehicles fueled by gasoline, but I would argue that the protests were not about gas but concerned the price of diesel fuel.

Although both fuels burn in combustion engines to produce driving power, their physical properties differ. They are certainly not interchangeable and, at this period in history, differ greatly in price.

Overall, the media did an excellent job in covering the issues facing today’s truckers. They were fair and got to the real issues about a demographic struggling with increasing costs.

However, we see no need to merely lump everything together as “gas” in the news. The average consumer should be aware of the differences by now.

Please rule once and for all and set the precedent. Thank you.