Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blacklist days behind us?

The good news is, after six months, it seems we are off the FMCSA’s blacklist.

Thank you all for e-mails, phone calls and “shame on the FMCSA” messages to your lawmakers in DC and to FMCSA’s Office of Public Affairs. We have been overwhelmed with the support of truckers, friends in Congress and comrades in the press who have expressed their outrage at the agency’s decision to “close the door” on Land Line’s print and radio reporters.

It appears that the order to blacklist our media staff came primarily at the behest of the communications chief at the agency and, simply, she’s off to work directly for Mary Peters now.

We’ve been notified that FMCSA’s Director of the Office of Communications Melissa Delaney has now moved to a new position in Office of Public Affairs in the Office of the Secretary of Transportation. It’s not likely we’ll be successful in our requests to that office, but at least we’ll be back in business with the FMCSA.

Delaney will continue to handle press inquiries regarding the Mexican truck cross-border pilot, or should I say firestorm.

For all other areas, as of March 10, Deputy Director Duane DeBruyne is Acting Director of the Office of Communications for FMCSA. Duane is a good guy and has been in public service for a long time. Not a political appointee, he has always tried hard to honestly answer our questions and hook us up with the right people and promptly provide us with the info we need.