Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Truckin’ Marines

Justifiably, much has been said about American truckers who streamed into Iraq as contractors to help support the early years of the long “War on Terrorism.” They went through hell, often without adequate armor or other protection, and none came home unscathed.

Recently, the U.S. Marine Corps news site begins a three-part series on Marines who now carry out the vital supply functions and, when needed, switch from wheeler to warrior in a moment.

As the first part of the three-part article says: “It takes a special Marine to sit in the turret of the front vehicle in a convoy, 1st Platoon commander 2nd Lt. Lee Stuckey said. He only puts men up there who have the moral fitness to make the right decisions in a split second. These Marine realize one bad shot, one accident, one killing of an innocent civilian, and they have just created more terrorists in the area.”

To check out the series, click here.