Monday, December 3, 2007

Yo California, the ships are pulling in

Land Line readers may start to see some familiar articles making their way into daily newspapers and local newscasts from coast to coast.

That’s right, the battle to clean the air in California statewide and specifically in the twin ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles is now being watched by mainstream media sources such as the New York Times. The Times, aka “the old gray lady,” chimed in with a story from the twin ports and how truckers will be affected. The Times story is available here.

The Long Beach Mayor has a gem in the Times story. In one fell swoop, hizzoner encapsulates both America’s thirst for Asian goods and just how the truck replacement program will be paid for.

“We’re not going to have kids in Long Beach contract asthma so someone in Kansas can get a cheaper television set,” said Mayor Bob Foster.

The Associated Press had a story here regarding California’s greenhouse gas law.

The California Air Resources Board has nearly tripled its greenhouse gas staff to 300, and last week the agency continued its work in defining six separate groups it plans to regulate. One such group, transportation, will focus on trucking and Land Line will keep a close watch to see what announcements CARB makes at its Dec. 14 meeting when staffers discuss their strategies for achieving 1990 emissions levels by 2020.

But before that, CARB meets on Thursday, Dec. 6, to decide whether a state port truck rule will go into effect.

OOIDA Regulatory Affairs Specialist Joe Rajkovacz will be there and will address the board with the Association’s concerns.

The meeting will be Webcast here.

Stay tuned.