Thursday, December 13, 2007

Put the hammer down

Too many government people are carrying hammers around these days and nary a piggy bank is safe.

Intent on spending our fuel tax dollars on things like museums, pet projects, mass transit, landscaping and just about anything but highway repairs, these hammering fools have shattered just about every porcelain piggy within reach.

Something’s got to change.

The solution is not creating more ways to fill more piggy banks with taxpayer dollars. That’s just what the people with hammers want. They have the hammers, after all.

Taxpayers should exercise their rights to air grievances with lawmakers and take their hammers away.

A great many truckers and highway users are running short on nickels and dimes to put in their own banks these days.

It’s time our state and federal elected officials exercised more fiscal responsibility with the highway dollars we send them. Otherwise, the federal Highway Trust Fund will be broke by 2009.