Thursday, December 13, 2007

Put the hammer down

Too many government people are carrying hammers around these days and nary a piggy bank is safe.

Intent on spending our fuel tax dollars on things like museums, pet projects, mass transit, landscaping and just about anything but highway repairs, these hammering fools have shattered just about every porcelain piggy within reach.

Something’s got to change.

The solution is not creating more ways to fill more piggy banks with taxpayer dollars. That’s just what the people with hammers want. They have the hammers, after all.

Taxpayers should exercise their rights to air grievances with lawmakers and take their hammers away.

A great many truckers and highway users are running short on nickels and dimes to put in their own banks these days.

It’s time our state and federal elected officials exercised more fiscal responsibility with the highway dollars we send them. Otherwise, the federal Highway Trust Fund will be broke by 2009.


  1. ABSOLUTELY correct! AND We are at fault for allowing legislators full-rein with OUR money. No matter how mad I and others get at this mess, no one seems to comprehend the danger we are in, nor do they seem to 'have time' to protest. Do people not know we are in DEEP DOO-DOO! Do they not even care?

  2. No matter how much yelling we do the goverment is going to what it wants to,case in point Gov.Rendell in Pa. I Feel bad for the drivers who are about to lose their trucks due to high fuel prices and low freight rates. A bank gets in to trouble for giving out bad loans and the goverment is there to bail them out,a trucker get into trouble and He's out of luck. I am all for a shut down but I feel it's too late. I'm sure there is going to be an awful lot of repos this coming spring. I guess I should be grateful I was able to get my truck paid off this past spring,the financial pain is still felt but the bite doesn't hurt as much. Cheap freight,high taxes,high fuel prices and truck payments are a bad combination. I wish all my fellow O/O's well and let's all hope 2008 is a far site better then 2007.

  3. Don't forget, Tolls are just additional taxes!!!!

  4. To reiterate what "Second Chance" said - I read article after article, day in and day out, about how that tax should be raised, this tax should be created, tolls should be increased, diesel keeps getting HOTTER and more expensive, on and on and on. Why don't I see article after article about how freight rates are on the rise right along side diesel prices? It would be like only raising inflation for half of a sector - Milk is now $10.00 a gallon, but you're still only going to make $6/hr minimum wage - yeah right!

    Trucking is indeed a business, but there's only so much cost to cut - especially when you have "NO" control over 3/4's of it!

    Italy was on strike for 3 days and look what it did to them - how much would we ALL REALLY lose if we sat home for 3 days??? Now compare THAT to what we'd gain the next 3 days...


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