Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What happens in your Vega …

Because we are a car-oriented culture, the line between home and car continues to blur.

We’re already seeing cars wired up for Web surfing and plumbed for portable toilets; our mobile sound systems are often better than what we have at home; and, with vans and SUV models whose rear seats fold down, it’s not inconceivable that some Los Angelinos may soon be power napping while stuck in cross-state traffic. (Which proves everything old is new again – The 1946 Nash Rambler offered newly demobilized soldiers a mobile bunk on wheels.

Of course, many parents will tell you that the advent of DVD players in automobiles has been a godsend for those traveling with children. This week, though, an Irving, TX, man allegedly was using his car’s DVD for a less than godly purpose.

Police say he was watching porn, had a beer in his car, and carried no driver’s license. Although he did pull over for at least part of the film, when he started up again, an alert officer whose suspicions were aroused by the driver’s behavior pulled him over. The details are here.

I don’t have to tell you that this was just a lucky collar. You see this kind of behavior and far more bizarre stuff every day. It’s not even new; authorities have been worried about it since at least 2004, as another in the growing list of ABD (Anything But Drive) activities that distract drivers and put us all in peril. Instead of bumper stickers that say “Shut Up and Drive,” maybe our bumper stickers should just say … “Zip It.”