Friday, November 2, 2007

The tour comes at you fast

A few posts back, I mentioned the “Life Comes at You Fast” campaign sponsored by Nationwide Insurance. It seems that, when they’re not sitting around calculating the odds of bowling balls dropping out of windows onto sloped lawns, heading downhill until they bowl over an old lady on a walker, whose mobility aid flies through the air and hits a guy in a convertible so that he spins out into a crowded hot dog stand – those fun-loving actuaries are thinking about semis and golf.

The Nationwide Tour – surely one of the better names to come along for a series of games in the second-most boring sport in the world – includes one of those tricked out trailers designed to coddle and comfort athletes and their posses. What, they don’t get enough good treatment in the hotels? goes inside the Nationwide Tour Trailer for a look at what a trailer can be when it’s not stacked with pallets of cold, dead naked chickens.

I especially like the idea that Nationwide – an insurance company – keeps a cooler stocked with beer for all those who drop by. Aside from betting on each hole, beer is probably the only reason a lot of folks play golf in the first place. I mean, most places you have to go get your beer, but on a golf course, it’ll come to you – most guys can’t get that kind of service at home.

I mean, it doesn’t take as much imagination as Nationwide’s ad writers have to picture a golfer who’s downed a couple of frosty ones in the trailer sallying forth with 3-iron in hand and teeing off in the general direction of Bangladesh. The ball sails off and connects with something unexpected and before you know it, life is coming at him fast.

One also has to wonder whether some bored trooper who shoots 123 on the front nine on weekends would pull the Tour Truck over just to have a look-see. The beer’s not in the tractor, but does it qualify as cargo if it’s in the trailer?

Anyway, it’s worth clicking over to find out the scoop on this mobile mulligan machine. And oh by the way, it doesn’t sound like they are hiring.