Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A double standard?

By now, you may have heard about the journalists in Quebec, Canada, who witnessed provincial Transportation Minister Julie Boulet’s limo driver breaking various speed laws following their departure from a press conference concerning speed.

If Boulet is going to target speeders – you gotta love the irony – the transportation minister needs to be held to a high standard.

She has apologized and has “reassigned” her driver to other duties, and I am pretty sure the people will accept her apology. After all, she claims to have slept through the one-hour ride.

Bravo to the Journal de Montreal for some gutsy frontline work in reporting the story.

I believe the media have a right to be skeptical of Boulet’s proposed legislation to crack down on speeding, which includes a proposal for mandatory speed limiters on heavy trucks.

Is her speed proposal well-advised? We have our doubts. Will it cut down on speeders? It might, but journalists have a free pass to question it at this point.

The French media have Boulet on the run, and we are anxious to see what happens next.