Thursday, November 8, 2007

Beatles connection to trucking

OK. This is too good. I have to blog about this.

Paul McCartney was recently photographed smooching with a lovely woman by the name of Nancy Shevell in New York.

Before we go running off into the land of catchy Beatle headlines and song lyrics, we’ll tell you that Ms. Shevell’s family owns the Shevell Group, a company that includes LTL carriers and logistics firms such as New England Motor Freight, Eastern Freight Ways, Carrier Industries and Apex Logistics.

So there is a Beatle connection to trucking after all besides Paul’s “yellow lorry slow” reference – a seemingly non sequitur lyric about a truck – in “You Never Give Me Your Money.”

Shevell is a connected woman in trucking and transportation.

New England Motor Freight boasts that it is one of the largest LTL carriers in the Northeast with 30 terminals, according to its Web site.

Shevell, 47, is vice president of the company. In 2004, she was named as a board member of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

And now she’s reportedly seeing McCartney, tirelessly active surviving Beatle. I refuse to call Paul an ex-Beatle for reasons of endearment.

I will also refrain from the tabloid-style attacks about Paul and his ex-wife, Heather Mills. They can work it out and get it straight or say goodnight.

It’s time to keep things light with a little trucking Beatle medley:

She was a day tripper, Sunday driver yeah. But everyone knew her as Nancy. She’s got a ticket to ride, and she don’t care. Get back. Get back. Get back to where you once belonged. Why don’t we do it in the road? Baby, you can drive my car.

Or in this case, a truck. OK. That’s enough. Good luck, Sir Paul.