Monday, November 5, 2007

Carey's at it again

I just caught the second edition of Drew Carey’s Reason TV online videos, and I’m apparently not the only one watching. The video took some time to download, with Carey’s Reason TV series drumming up considerable interest (here’s a link to a recent Associated Press article that appeared in the Washington Post).

This installment centers on the Reason Foundation’s goal of legalizing medical marijuana.

Yes, the guy that replaced Bob Barker is taking on an issue that’s been as divisive as and therefore avoided as much as illegal immigration.

Without getting into particulars over whether marijuana should be legalized, I’m fascinated by these videos being backed by the Reason Foundation, a group that has backed privatization of publicly owned highways and has ties to oil interests.

According to the AP story that appeared in the Post, Carey will host 20 such Reason TV spots that will address issues such as eminent domain, school choice and immigration.

I’m curious as to just who unites the Reason Foundation. Is there some silent majority of Americans or residents abroad who invest with Macquarie and who want to buy up public infrastructure, who also have ailments treated partially with pot and who want to send their offspring to private schools?

A few weeks ago I brought up Carey’s argument for privatizing U.S. highways to ease traffic jams.

Much of the second episode hosted by Carey is filmed inside a Brentwood, CA, building called “The Farmacy,” which sells marijuana in various forms including everything from brownies to a blend called “Friday Night Special” to customers with prescriptions.

Carey talks to a Vietnam vet who began smoking during the war and now buys pot legally to ease back pains.

Within a few minutes, confident that Reason TV has won its tightly framed argument, Carey exclaims, “It’s clear by now the federal government needs to reclassify medical marijuana.”

OK, another problem solved by people behind Reason Foundation and its public cheerleader.