Monday, October 22, 2007

Where’s Mimi?

One of the latest videos making its way across the Web is called “Gridlock: Hell on Wheels,” produced by and hosted by comedian Drew Carey. is affiliated with the Reason Foundation, a nonprofit group notorious for wholeheartedly supporting privatization and tolling of infrastructure throughout the U.S.

On the video, Carey – famous for being the funny guy from Cleveland – talks to Los Angeles residents about their city’s traffic and asks what can be done to solve the problems.

Then, ever-so-smoothly (that’s sarcasm), the filmmakers offer the solution of privatization.

The video shows that highways in Australia, Paris and Tampa, and even in Orange County, CA, were built by special tolls certain drivers pay. It’s called congestion pricing.

“The private sector paid for all these,” Carey exclaims.

Take a gander at the video here.

You’ll notice that very few of the wheels crammed along L.A.’s freeways in the video belong to semi trucks, and nearly every commuter is driving alone in the same direction.

Land Line’s own David Tanner has written several magazine and Web stories about Macquarie and other foreign banks making power plays to buy or lease U.S. highways.

Do you think the next clip will show Drew researching how highway trust funds are raided state to state? Kind of makes you wonder who else supports the Reason Foundation.

At the end, Drew takes one L.A. commuter for a nine-minute ride from work to home that normally takes 90 minutes.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could eliminate traffic jams? Carey asks, with his family-friendly mug.

“Taxpayers wouldn’t even have to pay for it,” he says.