Friday, October 19, 2007

One of the oldest tricks in the book

I’m really getting sick and tired of this dog and pony show staged by the Department of Transportation supposedly to show us how safe “all” Mexican trucks are.

Cherry-picking a handful of trucks to operate in the cross-border program no more proves the overall fitness of the Mexican trucking industry than watching the All-Star Game in baseball proves the overall talent of all of the players in Major League Baseball.

Every player is at the top of his game. Saying that the all-stars represent the bench-warmers and players in the farm leagues would be laughed out of every sports bar and living room around the country.

For those who don’t follow sports, what the DOT is trying to do would be like testing only the top 2 to 3 percent of students at a school for the state minimum achievement tests. Their scores are off the charts, but that doesn’t mean that every student in the school will score the same.

What I find particularly amusing is the probability that the DOT’s latest attempt to “prove” how “safe” trucks from Mexico are has more than likely blown up in the Bush administration’s face.

Even mainstream media is picking up on the fact that the recently staged inspection of a truck from Mexico was a “mock” inspection. That’s right, folks, it wasn’t real.

It’s critical to keep the pressure on the DOT so highway safety doesn’t fall victim to one of the oldest scams in the books, the old switcheroo. You know, where we’re sold a bill of goods promising all-star performances by these Mexican trucks and find out in the end we’re left with the third-stringers roaming the highways.