Friday, October 5, 2007

Massachusetts governor: Hero or heel?

As we worked through the mid-afternoon of Tuesday, Oct. 2, an exciting news story popped up on the Web by Boston Herald reporter Casey Ross.

Insider e-mails indicate that Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has big plans to do away with the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority’s board, consolidate its operations with the Massachusetts Highway Department, and create an uber-transportation agency for all ground transportation.

We all know by now it’s big news, but what will it mean for the state and its taxpayers? We can only guess at this point.

Will it mean fewer tolls, or more? Will it mean the state can avoid a fuel-tax hike for a few years, or will that get pushed through later on?

What does this plan have in store for truck drivers and small businesses?

And, are there politics involved in this scenario? Who will get fired or downsized? We don’t know yet.

And we certainly don’t know yet if Gov. Patrick’s followers will hoist him on their shoulders as a hero or run him out of office. Will this plan save Massachusetts transportation, or is this the same business on a different day?

We’ll just have to stay tuned.