Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mama knows

Land Line’s 2007 Trucking Poetry contest was extraordinary.

In a field of more than 500 poems, Elaine Rowley’s work earned an honorable mention from the judges. Elaine, a resident of Fillmore, UT, has been the wife of a trucker for 40 years. She submitted her original poem, “The Magic.”

I first read the poem a month ago. The fun of reading poems is to try to crack the meaning or to figure out the poet’s very personal message. It’s my own interpretation that Elaine’s poem describes that mysterious and peculiar sensation that trucking family members often try to explain. I totally believe that beyond the ordinary five senses, there’s one that seems to spring from some other reality. I’ve often heard truckers talk about it. It’s that Mama-knows-when-it’s-daddy-callin’ thing.

And I have not a doubt in my mind that many trucking spouses have keenly developed this “sixth sense” in order to stay connected.

Anyway, it particularly appealed to me and I want to share it with you.

“The Magic”
By Elaine Rowley

It’s dark outside, has been for hours, but I hear it coming.
Every truck you see, has its own magic, a sound all its own.
Only the special people hear it. Wives, sons and daughters.
They’ve heard it for a long time, for their dad is a trucker.

They hear it just before Xmas, or when a loved one dies,
before a wedding or high school graduation.
Sometimes they hear that magic for no special reason at all.

That’s when everyone has a celebration, because he won’t
be home long. Children run to meet him, even the dog.
Problems are solved, wounds healed, and then he’s gone.
Waiting for the magic to return.