Friday, October 26, 2007

If you build it, they will go

Truckers are used to seeing just about everything happen in passing cars, having the high ground from which to look down on smaller vehicles. Now comes word of a cardboard-and-plastic potty built for cars.

Created in Japan – somehow this is not surprising – the transportable throne has a curtain that can be drawn around the user, and a plastic waste collector bag. The toilet folds up when not in use and, according to manufacturer Kaneko Sangyo Co., is small enough to fit inside a suitcase (try explaining that one to the TSA). You can see for yourself here.

The manufacturer says it is ideal for emergencies, such as earthquakes, which plague the island nation. To me, it sounds like a solution to many of those yellow bottles left littering highways and parking lots in America.

Actually, there are already some similar products on the market. I saw one of these at a trade show a few months back. I saw the version designed for the military and immediately thought of it as an alternative to hunting for a semi-clean bathroom.

If a fleet had a real sense of humor, they’d order logoed kits for all their drivers – talk about a morale builder! Instead of letting frustration build up until you quit, you just, well, get it out of your system.