Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Continued learning is a privilege

It’s nice to work for people who value continuing education.

I had the distinct pleasure recently of sitting in on a three-day business seminar conducted by the OOIDA Foundation.

Land Line sent me to write a story and I am following through with that in the magazine, but I also got to participate, listen to the speakers, meet people and learn the course material.

Instructor Tom Weakley, the OOIDA Foundation’s director of operations, covered topics geared toward the owner-operator or small company wishing to gain independence and make more money in the trucking industry.

A team of experts from various OOIDA departments shared their insight and experience as well during the three-day seminar, Oct. 23-25 at Blue River Community College in Independence, MO.

I found myself hanging on every word of Tom’s colorful anecdotes and real-life trucking experience. I know a lot more than I did before, and that will be good for my writing.

Tom didn’t sugarcoat anything about the good, bad or the ugly in the trucking industry, and I think all of the students appreciated that.

I met and interacted with a number of owner-operators in the process, too, and many agreed to stay in touch.

While I don’t foresee myself becoming an owner-op anytime soon – I’ll stick to writing – I will value my classroom experience because the education will provide me with some more common ground with OOIDA members and Land Line readers.

I was glad for the opportunity and the experience.