Friday, September 7, 2007

What’s in Osama’s tape?

The sixth anniversary of Sept. 11 is Tuesday. And as a special gift, Osama bin Laden has apparently made a tape for us.

According to media outlets and the guy in the window of the local Shanghai Boy Chinese and Vietnamese food drive-thru, the U.S. government is now analyzing the footage.

MSNBC says an anonymous source confirmed that the tape is in the government’s possession, but wouldn’t talk about its contents.

Another source says it’s certain the tape contains threats to Americans. Well, I can’t see the al-Qaida leader making a video to remind us to drive safely.

I read in USA Today that a State Department spokesman “sought to minimize” the impact of the tape by saying that he did not think anything Bin Laden was likely to say or do was going to change “our resolve or the resolve of our international partners.”

Anything Bin Laden says has some impact. We try to say it doesn’t because, well, because that’s the point – not to let him terrorize us. With weapons or with video tapes.

So, who knows what is in this looming message? We’ll soon find out. I hear it’s due to be released this weekend. Same time as the new Russell Crowe movie.

Maybe it has some message in it that the Bush administration feels will scare the crap out of the public as to the safety of, say, our southern border.

In that case, the confidence of our transportation agency in this cross-border program sure could be short-lived. Think about it.