Friday, September 28, 2007

Spreading the wealth

Regular Land Line readers may be tiring of the magazine Web site’s repeated coverage lately of new truck emissions restrictions launched by the California Air Resources Board. We swear, we’re only trying to keep readers informed about upcoming rules and provide access to public comment opportunities.

Next year will offer the first in a new wave of restrictive rules that won’t allow most drivers to idle for more than five minutes, run reefers for more than 30 minutes at warehouses and will require retrofitting of all trucks to meet 2007 emissions standards by 2014.

Pretty heady stuff, and that’s just the beginning.

A Web site,, that appears to be an alternative publication in the L.A. area, has an interesting column about reefers piling up in the twin L.A./Long Beach ports and what CARB is doing about them.

But the trucking industry isn’t the only one dealing with new measures.

The Los Angeles Times has an interesting story this week regarding ozone generating air purifiers. CARB is banning the use of in-home air purifiers that emit certain levels of ozone.

The home indoor air cleaning industry, and its patrons, as you can imagine, aren’t happy.

"God gave humans these air purifiers, and you should not take away that gift,” said Debra Perkins of Corona, weeping as she told how she felt the product had improved her mother's breathing, according to The Times.

CARB is also moving to require reduced emissions of aerosol from cans of silly string, and considering adding a requirement for “cool paint” schemes that would retain less heat, therefore requiring drivers to use less air conditioning.

The drum keeps beating.