Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mind your own business?

Last week, we reported a story on truck driver Rick Tower and how he saved an 82-year-old woman’s life. He was hauling a load of wood chips on Highway 96 near his hometown of Yreka, CA, when he saw a car fishtail out of control. It careened off the road and into the nearby Klamath River.

Tower slammed on his brakes, ran down to the river, swam out to the car and with the help of another driver, pulled Dorothy Knudsen to safety.

OK, so last night I fueled up on the way home. I paid the $50 for about a half tank of gas, bought a snack, and was leaving the place when I overheard another customer talking to the cashier about an accident that must have happened locally. From their discussion, I gathered it was a deal where a guy jumped from his car and ran into a flaming wreck to pull a 90-year-old passenger free.

The customer lounging at the counter said: “I don’t know if I’da ran into a fire to save some old guy I did not know. With my luck, the car would explode just as I opened the door to pull him out.”

The cashier came back with: “At 90, it mighta been that the guy’s time was up, who knows? It might have been God’s wishes. I think a person should mind his own business.”

I nearly dropped my Klondike bar.

I hope to God if I ever need rescued, neither of those two doofers are first on the scene.